Not so mysterious


I often will post dreams here on my blog. I love dreams and think they are fascinating for what they tell us about our current conscious and subconscious preoccupations. Sometimes they are quite mysterious with no apparent connection to anything we are experiencing at the moment. And sometimes they are crystal clear, like the dream I had last night:

I was in a very large warehouse type space that was in some tropical place. I had been renting it for many months, but the place was pretty much empty, like I hadn’t moved in at all. I hadn’t bothered in all those months to do anything other than place a mattress on the floor, and there were some vague piles of junk in the far corners of this vast room. At one point my brother came back with me to the apartment from an all night party we had been at. He took a look around the place and started making all kinds of pronouncements and judgements about what a mess it was, how could I live like this and why was I even renting this place! Then suddenly my cousin Josh was there and I was trying to get half the rent from him but he told me that even though we had rented it together, he had only actually stayed a few times. As I tried to talk to him about the money, he was on the phone talking to one of his friends and completely ignoring me. So then and there I decided to hell with everybody, I was gong to fix the place up, so I began pulling all this cheap but well designed, brightly colored furniture out from various places around the room. There was a ton of it, and I started organizing it around the huge space, making smaller spaces out of the arrangements of furniture. As I was fixing the place up, more and more people were coming by to see the space and taking things away with them. People were milling about everywhere and I kept asking them to leave, but more and more kept coming, even as the others were leaving. I had no money but the place was really starting to look good with the found objects I had placed there. Suddenly Oprah was there and I asked her if she needed my phone number just in case to contact me, but she smiled condescendingly and said no. Then Levi Johnston who was next to me leaned over to shake my hand. Finally some drill sergeant type woman (very much like Jane Lynch) started asking everyone to get in line, then started calling out my name dismissively. As I turned to face her, I was squinting and couldn’t see her too clearly. As I tried to open my eyes, they were hurting a bit. I woke up with the sun in my face.

So to break it down:

I have been trying to find a rental place in Puerto Rico with my cousin Josh, where we are going in a couple of weeks. I have some money concerns about the whole enterprise, as I have had with money in general recently. ┬áMy brother has been a bit judgmental with me recently about several things, and it has been upsetting me. And the rest? Just the pop culture debris and refuse that fills every nook and cranny of our brains. Although I was a little bugged that Oprah didn’t want my number. Who does she think she is?