Madonna, my robot girlfriend


I had a doozy of a weird dream last night, but can only remember small bits of it, so here they are:

Some boyfriend and I had strange super powers that we were sharing, somehow activated by an ipod mini-looking device that would put both of us at the same time into the same robot. It was like I was both of us, but I was in control of the robot and was fending off all kinds of attacks, and it was fun even while it was dangerous.

Later it seemed that Madonna was my girlfriend, and we both had very similar powers, mechanical in nature. We were being chased by crowds and villains, and we were still fighting off attacks as she was coming to visit me at my place. Because she is Madonna and so famous, all my friends and people all around wanted to meet her, and I was sort of basking in and enjoying the reflected glow of her celebrity, but we never got to meet anyone because we were fighting off all these military style attacks all around us. Madonna told me that she was really born in another country and her name was not Louise, and her voice sounded like it was being run through a synthesizer.

Somehow a bit later in the dream I was having dinner with a middle aged woman who was talking about a couple that are friends with my parents. She made a ┬ábig deal out of telling me that the husband in the couple was not monogamous, even though the wife was, and that this was their agreement. She said it in such a way that I could tell she didn’t approve at all, but still with a resignation about it.


  1. mom says:

    Perhaps it’s time for a shrink? Or are you eating something that is hard to digest right before bedtime?