And through the woods


I was on an island with two sides and parties on either side. There were people everywhere and a festive mood. Everyone spoke different languages but we were communicating well. At one point I needed to get from one part of the island to another, and I had to walk through a forrest to get to the other side. There was no real path marked, but I found my way to the other side and the cabins there. Somehow right at the end of the path I had to choose right or left to get to the village cabins and I chose right, but unfortunately this led to a very very steep incline. When I realized this was wrong, I turned to go up the hill in a shortcut , and found myself under a strange mesh, more like a parachute type material and below me was all sand. I somehow managed to climb up in between the mesh and the sand at this very steep incline to get to the flattening out at the top of this hill, but it was very uncomfortable and hard to breathe. Finally I came to the edge of the mesh and came out to enter one of the main cabins. As I was walking inside, a bunch of people were leaving to go to the other side of the island from where I had just come. I went in to the cabin and sat on a large bed with two guys that lived there and we sat talking for a bit about the party. Although they were mostly ignoring me. Then two other guys came in with a dog, who scampered onto the bed and peed on it. The guy with the dog was apologetic but only made a half assed attempt to clean up the stain the dog had left. At this point I decided to go back to the other side of the island where all the fun was really happening, but it was getting dark out and I didn’t think I would be able to find my way back. Nevertheless I headed out in that direction, and I kept passing happy groups coming back form the other side, asking them how to get there. They kept telling me to just keep following the path, although there was no path. I headed in the direction of the woods and suddenly a house was in front of me and I knew I had to open the door and walk through it to get to the path on the other side. I opened the back door and started walking down a hallway, when an old woman doing laundry spotted me. I started to apologize and explain that I had to walk through to get back to the other side and she didn’t say a word and so I continued through the house, and out a yard when I noticed that much of my laundry was there and hanging, waiting to dry.  I realized I could not go back to the other side of the island without my clothes, and so I would have to spend the night on this side of the island, even though I had no cabin. As I headed out the house, back the way I had come in, the screen door slammed behind me and I woke up.