Touchy people


A strange thing happened to me during the movie yesterday. Josh and I were sitting somewhere in the middle of the theater, and I got up to go to the restroom, trying to make a mental note of where in the semi-crowded theater we were located. When I came back a few minutes later in to the theater, I stood just inside the doorway, about 10 feet behind the last row, and waited a few moments for my eyes to adjust before looking for my seat again. I must have stood there about 30 seconds, scanning the theater as the light levels came into focus. Just as I was about to walk down the aisle to find my seat again, a woman in the last row and seat got up, walked over to me and in a loud voice said, “Are you going to be standing there through the entire film?!” and then walked out of the theater in a huff of indignation. I was a little flummoxed, and not really sure what this crazy lady had eaten for breakfast. What makes people act this way?