How to improve on AT&T revenge…


A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a way to get free SMS text messaging on your phone using Google Voice, Gmail and Yahoo mail. Fortunately, last week Google updated their sync capabilities to add push, so we can now do away with the Yahoo part and have Gmail push directly to the phone, and reply directly in Gmail to the received SMS messages. It requires that your Gmail be setup as an Exchange account on your iPhone however. Here are the steps:

1. Follow the instructions in my last post to setup Google Voice and forward SMS to your Gmail account in the settings, but do NOT set up Gmail or Yahoo mail account on your iphone. If you do already have them setup and don’t use them for something else, feel free to delete them.

2. Go to Google Sync page and follow the instructions for setting up your Google account as an Exchange account.

3. Voila. SMS messages will be pushed to your phone via Google sync, and you will be able to hit reply and compose free SMS back to the sender via your Gmail account. An even more perfect way to have free sms and avoid the ridiculous AT&T rates.

The other great thing about Google Sync is that it also gives you the ability to sync your contacts and calendar for free (largely doing away with the need to pay 100 bucks a year for a mobile me account).


  1. I’ve been trying to use this gmail/exchange push functionality for weeks… and it works… but doesn’t actually provide a pop-up SMS-like notification. The emails come to the phone right away and will make the vibrate and/or “new mail” sound, but there is not actual notification!

    I’ve been using a new iPhone app called Boxcar to send the actual pop-up, but it won’t take me straight to my gmail inbox… so I’m still looking for the perfect solution…