Status Updates for 2009-07-22

  • I KNEW it! #
  • Some hideous, LA style (circa 1999) place named “Trigger” opened in The Castro #
  • I didn’t think it possible for at&t’s network to be any more shitty than in NYC but SF has proved me wrong #
  • Olaf m’a pose un lapin #
  • Ahh, San Francisco #
  • Funny thing they did at Castro and market streets #
  • Is it plagiarizing if, pretending to be someone else, you say something they actually said? #
  • If talking on cell while driving (even hands free) is dangerous (studies show that it is), why isn’t talking with a passenger as dangerous? #
  • Let my pal Marites talk me into joining her for my first ever spin class this morning. And I actually survived. #