Beautiful, and Cold


That about sums up San Francisco today. Amazing sunny weather but quite cold out. Summer in SF. Now that I have been living in NYC for several months, my trip back to the Bay Area has me again noticing some of the aesthetic and cultural differences between places. These things shift and reorder themselves in subtle ways over many many visits. In a very general way today, I have a feeling that New York is much its own thing, with a Euro dialogue happening in a lot of places, especially with London and Paris, but that San Francisco is having a dialogue with its past, stronger place in the American psyche as well as the Northwestern and Californian sensibility that it has always had (showing itself in its environmental, political and  culinary preoccupations). San Francisco is an amazing place for food for a city of its size (or any size, really). New York has a harder edge and is filled with, well, the best (and sometimes worst) of everything at all times. San Francisco is fewer things, and they have a greater presence because of their relative importance. San Francisco is easy in places that New York is hard and vice versa. I love and miss many things about San Francisco, and could easily see myself living here again, but it does lack some of the vitality that I feel in New York.

So much for random, not very interesting ramblings as I sit in a coffee shop (my second today) and wait to meet my friend Troy for dinner later.


  1. mom says:

    Say hi to Troy for me!