The end of the world


The world is ending. I am with my cousin Josh and another friend, and we are trying to find a good place to go and music to listen to as the world explodes. Chaos is everywhere and we are a little scared, but resolute and accepting nonetheless. We are looking for a place to be when it ends and steeling ourselves for what it will feel like for the planet and everything around us to crumble under our feet and for us to suddenly be in the vacuum of space. We wonder what it will feel like in the miliseconds before we cease to exist. Running everywhere, from place to place to prepare, but the event isn’t coming though we know it will very very soon. People are screaming and crying all around and millling about. It seems important for us to find good music we enjoyed to be listening to while we die. Various songs keep playing and then changing, and the music is coming from everywhere around us and is good. I really have to go take a piss and wonder if I will expire at the urinal. I am looking and looking for the bathroom but the first one is so crowded and disgusting I go looking for the one in another wing, but alas it is locked. After talking to a woman in charge who is dressed like a nurse, she finally finds the keys and opens it. I go inside to piss and wake up to realize I really do have to piss and so go to the bathroom.


  1. mom says:

    It may be time to find a shrink willing to analyze your dreams……

  2. Arnaud says:

    or to stop smoking bad drugs!