Gay Gay Gay


As you might have guessed, yesterday was Gay Pride in NYC. This was my first time in the city for the event. I have to say New York really does it big. Josh and I started the day with a brunch (what else? It is the gayest meal there is) and then headed over to walk along the parade route a bit. I was amazed at how long the parade stretches here, from 52nd street, all the way down 5th avenue and then east over to Christopher and Greenwich. That is one LONG route, with every group imaginable related to gayness, and tons and tons of people all along the route watching. I don’t think I have ever seen as many at a pride event, and I used to live in SF, where there would be tons. As we passed through the Village we stopped in to see my friend John and his crew at Cowgirl before continuing on to the water. We ended the day with a dance party on the pier, which was much cooler with the breeze off the water, and the music was really danceable, even if we were hemmed in by hordes of the shirtless and the sweaty. I left before the end and took a pleasant summer stroll back to my new apartment and went to bed.

Now to finish setting up my new room and work space, and get back to website making…