Over the river, and through the woods


I was walking in the woods with my grandmother….there were other people there as well, and then I was left all alone for a while. It was very green all around, and I noticed the pleasant smell of some of the plants. One in particular had a vague peppery scent that pleased me, and I tore off a leaf to smell it, but it was different than the scent in the air. When my grandmother finally came back, we were walking through the woods alone before getting on the bus with a bunch of other people to go back. The bus started back towards the community, and we were talking about her selling her apartment, and it was the apartment that I knew her having lived in when I was a small child. She was saying that she didn’t want to leave it, it was (grandpa) Joe’s apartment, and she couldn’t bring herself to. I was pointing out that it was too big and she needed to move on, and she started to cry a little, telling me that she had spent 2/3rdsĀ of her life there, how could she leave it. She said she had plenty of money and didn’t need to sell, she still had a couple million in an account somewhere. Then the bus we were in stopped in the community and Grandma got out and started hugging people with a great sense of fear that she would have to leave them. This Grandma in my dream was at about the age I knew her to be when I was a child, perhaps only 55 years old. Strangely in the dream, I was somewhat immaterial, as if I was the ghost haunting her instead of the other way around. She was talking to me and confiding in me her feelings of dread about leaving her apartment, but I was somehow of a different materiality than the group of people that she was worried to be leaving. At that point I woke up.


  1. mom says:

    I hate to be a snark, and I know you loved your grandmother, but if she had a couple of million dollars in an account somewhere, your Aunt Eileen and I have been robbed of our inheritance! (Also, it is hard to imagine my mother attaching great value to an apartment because Daddy lived in it. She made his life miserable.)

    Not that I want to spoil your (obviously much fonder) memories……

  2. Stephen says:

    I say this with love, but In what parallel universe do you hate to be a snark? :)