A fair bit of work.


Arbeit, arbeit. Although I had planned on not spending more than six or so hours a day on this project (especially given my low quote), I have far exceeded it. Oh well, I want the project to be a success. And as I have known in the past but somehow conveniently forget, Germany is a land of perfectionists, and it is fairly easy for me to get caught up in that sort of logic. There is of course no such thing as perfect, and chasing it too heartily will make one most unhappy. Although I love being here and working with Olaf, he can at times have some difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. He tends to focus on the smaller details with the same or greater attention than is paid to bigger things. Fortunately, I am able to discuss these things openly with him and he is not deaf to the critique. It probably both helps and hurts our work relationship a little that we are such good friends.

And it is not all work really. There are walks by the lake in the lovely neighborhood, wonderful dinners with friends prepared by Olaf (who is an excellent cook btw), and the occasional drink out at a local bar. Last night we watched a movie I had never seen before, Cactus Flower, with Goldie Hawn and Ingrid Bergman in one of her best roles ever. She has the most perfect, icy delivery of very funny and cutting lines. I was on the floor in tears.