Notes on Paris


– With only slightly more frequency than in New York, I hear people speaking English here all around me (vs hearing French in NYC)

– It was a beautiful day out, so I bought a sandwich poulet and headed to the amphitheater in front of St Eustache, where there were tons of people eating their lunch. I remember that I used to refer to this church as the “Valentine Cathedral” for the heart shaped windows on its second level.

– Walking in a crowd is different here than in New York, and I find that I bump into or cross people with much greater frequency. I have in the past said the same about New York and I realize that each culture finds its own “rhythm” for moving in crowded places.

– I love how language and culture mix around the world. I bought a made in Japan, French design inspired notebook with English writing on the cover that said “Note Book. Most advanced quality, Gives best writing features”. It sounds kinda lurid when you put it that way.


  1. Stephan says:

    Oh, I’m so jealous…eh zut alors! Be sure to take a stroll for me through Jardin de Luxembourg. There’s also the hidden garden where you can dine outdoors like La Muscade at the Palais Royal. Enjoy Stephen!