Foody Friends and Fun


My wonderful friend (and one of my favorite people in the world) Marites has been in town to visit me the past few days. As Marites is an architect with a practice that focuses on restaurants, we are also visiting several restaurants to conduct research. We are lucky that these places happen to offer incredible food as well. The places we have gone have been absolutely fantastic, from Public to Morimoto to Spice Market this evening. All of them have been standouts in both cuisine and design (with Morimoto setting the highest bar for a Japanese box lunch ever in my life). I am lucky that my friend is such a foody like me, we bond endlessly over the fine flavors of a diverse range of cooking. We also took a trip up to The Cloisters today, a place I have been meaning to see since I first lived in NYC over 20 years ago. Click on the image below to see an album of recent NYC stuff.