Not so final frontier


I was talking to my friend Troy about the next trip he was taking. He kept mentioning some obscure place that was in Antarctica and I was asking him if there were any people or civilization there of any kind and he said no. So I asked him what he would be doing there (and how he thought he could even get there) if there was no infrastructure of any kind but he didn’t answer. Later I was flying over the area with something like Google Earth, looking at the terrain, when suddenly I overshot and ended up on a cruise ship off the coast of Argentina. Friends and colleagues (none of whom I recognized) from some vast elected body like the senate¬† were arriving and discussion the situation with the boat. Most of us hadn’t seen each other in years. The boat was apparently floating out to sea and we had to make some decision soon about whether to save or abandon it. A few of us were at a poker table, with the previous captain who was suddenly back. We kept mentioning that some who were elected as representatives to the boat (some friends of mine) even though elected, hadn’t been to the meetings in years.¬† The old captain was recommending abandoning the ship and putting everyone in the transporter which was a big raft. We were waiting at the poker table for the other captain to get there to make a decision when I woke up.

I can only surmise that this dream is the result of too many people talking about Star Trek (which I haven’t seen) and of me talking about my upcoming travel to Europe with friends.


  1. mom says:

    Go see the movie. It’s pretty good–not a Rodenberry morality play, which is too bad from my perspective–but a good action film.

    Then let’s see what you dream……