Odd planet alignment


Regular readers and friends of mine will know how I sometimes bemoan the fact that on average, New York and LA are US cities where people are perpetually late, almost always blaming the traffic or subway instead of the fact that they never give themselves enough time to begin with (ie, leaving at 8 for a  rendezvous scheduled for 8). So imagine my shock when, beginning on Tuesday of this week, every single meeting with friends had me arriving (on time) to find them already there waiting for me! We are talking about FOUR separate occasions. I am tickled pink. There must be some spooky astrological alignment, or I have quantum shifted to some parallel universe. Whatever the case, it is nice being here, and I thank all of you.

I must go buy a lotto ticket while this magic is with me…


  1. Mo says:

    I think I’m going to faint.