A truly bad date


Another one, you ask? Yes, but rather than get upset, I am grateful in that they give me a story to tell, something to blog about. Here are the reference points in today’s bad lunch date:

– 10 minutes late

– Constantly talking about himself, never asking any questions of me.

– On the rare moments where he was catching his breath or eating and I could get a word in edgewise, I would start to talk about something, but he would interrupt me to tell me how the thing I had begun to talk about was related to his life. And then he would launch into another long story about it.

– He talked about past relationships and how they had gone wrong or bad, including stories of drug use, knife threatening, and restraining orders.

– He ate a lot of raw onions and chewed in such a way that pieces would land on me on occasion.

There was more, like wondering aloud why old boyfriends had left him (and ascribing reasons that were convenient), and almost leaving without leaving a tip. But all in all, I would rather get root canal than go on another date with this guy.


  1. mom says:

    Why on earth did you go to lunch with him in the first place? Was it a blind date? Did someone set you up?

    Of course, I had my own disaster dates once upon a time. And I even married a couple of them, so who am I to talk!

  2. Stephen says:

    I had been drinking and met him in a loud club. Since that is never a good environment to talk to someone, I agreed to a later date.

  3. Joshua Lupkin says: