Redneck Derby


Time for another installment of “Stephen’s Dreams”.

As always, there is a lot missing, but here is what I could piece together after waking up. I was heading back to an old apartment that I hadn’t been to in years. It was in a very backwoods area, but not so much “rustic” as “redneck”, with dirt roads and screen doors and junk sitting out in front of people’s houses. My old “apartment” was actually a kind of freestanding two story building, and going inside it was like a hurricane had hit. Everything was a mess under piles of junk that hadn’t been looked at in years. I had headed back there with a group of people I had recently met. As they were rooting about in all the mess and asking questions about it, I found some old machine or something that allowed me to make two cars materialize in  the street in front of the house. It wasn’t actually a machine, per se, but more like some technique I had invented (that required me to be back in this apartment) to make these cars come into being out of thin air. I had done this before, in the past (and to be honest, I am not entirely sure I haven’t had this dream before) and I was telling my new friends about it as we went on a series of rides to various places, always somehow leaving the car in some faraway place when we made it back to the apartment. This would of course necessitate making a new car for another trip or errand we had to run. One of the odd features of this ability to make cars out of nothing is that I had no way to get rid of them, so they were littered all around town and the police were on to me (since somehow the cars were registered to me). There were all kinds of tickets issued, but they couldn’t catch me. Another odd feature is that there was only one key to the cars that I kept in the apartment, and at one point I lost it and had to find it under a mountain of crap in the apartment. It turned out the way I was able to keep this apartment for so many years without being there is that the owner had died while I was living there, and no one ever came by to check on the place. But the neighbors were getting suspicious, as they had several times seen these cars materialize in the road, and they wanted a stop put to it. They called a cop in to investigate, and as we were leaving on one of our errands, he followed in hot pursuit. And then I woke up.


  1. Mom says:

    WHAT have you been eating?