Eating above 100


Friends of mine and I who live in the upper reaches of Manhattan have been lamenting the (seeming) paucity of information about good places to eat up here. Is it because there just aren’t any good places to eat north of 100th? Is it because no one has been documenting them? Sites like Yelp are meant to address these things, but sadly, the denizens of Yelp in northern Manhattan seem to have a different set of criteria for judging restaurants than I do. They are overly nit picky about minor things (“not enough space between tables”) and seem to honestly not be able, on the whole, to judge tasty food. They seem overly concerned with value in the form of “quantity” over “quality”, which is fine if larger portions are more important to you than actual taste. They also seem more concerned with presentation (decor) than with the taste of food. Because of this outlook, I have found that I agreed with them only about half the time. At dinner last night with Gabe and Jason, Gabe suggested someone create a map of good food in the area, which I thought was a great idea, having created just such a map while I was in Mexico City. With that in mind, I present the following Google map, “Eating above 100”. Over the coming months, as I (and friends) explore the food scene above 100th street in Manhattan, we will share with you only good places to eat. Anything in the mediocre category will not make the map. (That said, this is a part of the city that in general has lower quality food than downtown, so there is bound to be a bit of relativism involved. Still, no crap gets on this map.) I of course welcome any suggestions from those in the know…


  1. Salvador says:

    Have u checked Urbanspoon? I used it a couple of times and the outcome was quite good. Besides, you can read the comments and make up your mind about the criteria involved for rating the places.

  2. amanda says:

    you have to put a star where YOU live on the map

  3. Stephen says:

    Fair enough. Done. :)