Busy busy busy


It has been quite a busy week, both professionally and personally. Sites to work on, drinks and dinner every night, meetings — and nary a moment to blog, or blog well anyway. And yet I am hell bent and determined not to fall into that oh so American trap of never feeling that one has enough time for anything. Our perception of time and pressure is very much self inflicted, I am always amazed at people who act like all this just befell them somehow, that we aren’t responsible, each of us, for structuring our lives (actively or passively) to be so filled with so much…stuff. There is a lot of space available to us if we allow it, but we are mostly a people obsessed with the idea that we are missing out on something, and that is really a shame. The biggest thing we are missing out on is taking notice of the here and now. We are missing out on being present, so wrapped up in the next thing we have to do. I always know I am in this bad head space when I forget something simple, like locking a door or leaving something behind when leaving the house. It means I was already focused on the next thing, and not properly being where I am, with each moment being tended to.