Wake me up before you go go


I had another interesting dream(aren’t they all?) last night. I wish I could remember it more fully, but all I remember is bits and pieces, like accidentally purchasing 30 discounted tickets to a George Michael concert and trying to sell them. Some of the people purchasing them were people I hadn’t seen in many years and didn’t even know well. There was also a life size replica model building of the Starship Enterprise that people were taking tours of. I was directing some retirees up the winding staircases of this building and helping to prep some performance for them by other retirees. And there was also a moment when I was lounging under a table on the grass with four other people. The three on my right were friends (but I am not sure who) and the one to my left was some really handsome guy I was into. One of my friends said something to him, implying he was straight at which point he smirked and kissed me. And then I woke up, alas.


  1. Salvador says:

    Well, if you ever do come across some 30% discount tickets for a George Michael concert let me know! Nice remix in your dream by the way, going from “Wake me up…” to “I want your sex”!