Yesterday, in the subway


– On a downtown train, a woman dressed all in black with long jet black hair and dominatrix boots walks onto the train with a military-march like gait. She looks around the car with disgust and finally finds a seat. She squints angrily at everyone in the car, then frowning, covers her eyes with her right hand and bows her head. She stays that way through 9 stops and then leaves the car in the same manner in which she arrived.

– On this same train a sweet yet slightly goofy looking man in his 30s walks into the train with his guitar and starts playing and singing the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun”. His rendition is not all that great, his voice cracking and uneven. Still, there is something charming about it, and I and just about everyone else give him money.

– Running to catch a late train, I mistakenly went down on the wrong side. I hurriedly went up, across the street and down the other side, and miraculously the train was still there. But when I tried to swipe my card, it said “just used” (because I had gone in the other side and exited) and it wouldn’t let me through. With only a few seconds to spare, I told the MTA booth worker and she motioned for me to go on through. I jumped the turnstile and just made it into the car, relieved, when a subway cop angrily dragged me out. While he went to verify my story, the train departed. He returned to yell at me to “never jump the turnstile”, and then walked off in a huff, leaving me to wait 20 minutes for the next train.

– Heading uptown and home, I enter a car where most of the people are to one side, as a bag woman with a strong odor is at the end of the car. A couple of stops in, a scruffy (and, one assumes) homeless man comes into the car at the other end. Standing a bit wobbly but smiling, an even worse smell starts to issue from him and I realize he is defecating in his pants. At the next stop everyone except the bag woman changes car.