Frankie visits from Bollywood


Last night, I went to go meet my friend Mario (who I met in Delhi almost 2 years ago, and who now lives in NYC) and a friend of his at a gay bar that I went to once about a year ago named Suite. As we were enjoying our drinks and getting caught up, Mario informs me that right next door is a place that sells kathi rolls. What, I ask incredulously? Like Nizam’s?  Slightly drunk from my second martini, I decide I must go over that very minute, and when I get inside I see that these are not kathis, these are frankies! The place is even named Roti Roll Bombay Frankie. I greedily peruse the menu and order both a chicken malai for me and a lamb boti for my friends, and head back to the bar. As I tore into my delicious frankie, I offer the lamb to my friends but they aren’t hungry, so glutton that I am I scarf down the other one as well. Maybe it was the martinis, but damn they were good. It seemed funny that these two oddly incongruous establishments should be right next to each other. In fact, there is even a small open sliding door that connects the two without even needing to go outside. And when I looked on the restaurant website, there is a link to visit the bar, apparently owned by the same people. A gay bar attached to a frankie place? Is this corner of Manhattan tailor made for me?


  1. Mom says:

    Perhaps you should open a real grocery somewhere in the area….Then it WOULD be perfect.