Still knee-deep in it


I was hoping to be done with my collection site rework by now, but sometimes these things take longer than we expect. MUCH longer. I have been soliciting feedback from a few people, and there seems to be no consensus on what should stay and what should go, alas. So I soldier on, only occasionally coming up for air to meet a friend for breakfast or to go see the latest play my cousin has choreographed. So if you have been wondering why my updates haven’t been as frequent, there you are. I have set a deadline for myself of Friday, let us hope that I meet it.

While we are at it, anyone out there have a good idea for what to call it? “Resume” site  just doesn’t seem right, “collection” is odd,  and  “skill site” seems likewise awkward….


  1. Josh L. says:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Kelly says:

    How about portfolio? That’s what it is, right?