Down a rabbit hole


In a world where anything is possible but time is limited, we need to make choices. Sometimes those choices lead to something useful very quickly, sometimes they are dead ends. I usually don’t mind the dead ends as I tend to learn something from them. That said, I have been spinning my wheels a bit over the last few days as I attempt to overhaul my resume and build a new website for it. It really isn’t even a resume site to speak of anymore, nor even a cv. I am not entirely sure what to call it, truth be told, but let us settle on “collection” for now.  There are a few things I have decided it will and won’t be:

1. It won’t be constrained or narrowly focused. In the past I have constructed my resume to only appeal to a specific area of interest, usually aimed a company that I seek employment from. As a freelancer, I feel more free to let the variety of experience speak up.

2. It will speak in layman’s terms. I will try to avoid jargon in favor of plain speaking, ie “blog” or “website”, not “content management” or  “HTML/Javascript”

3.  I will include other areas that I enjoy and can seek work in, ie “writing” and “French tutoring” and “photography”. Just because technology is the most lucrative does not mean that is all I will seek.

4. My site will be my calling card, and should be very well designed. It is this last point that is causing me fits. As I research a number of different (and very cool) sites out there, I find myself drawn to many shiny objects out there. Some of these are programmatic, some are design, some are organizational. In any event I have spent many many hours diddling over the past few days, often ending up tossing something as impractical or dull. I feel like I am finally on the right track, but still have many hours ahead of me. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.


  1. Cindy Britt Kuipers says:

    Oh, this may get me to start updating my resume again :) You are quite the same thinking little man. I do still enjoy your stories and pix as you’ve definitely blossomed into a beautiful writer. I believe I still have a few things you wrote long ago on Lockerbie, maybe a few haikus, I may have to get into my trunk to see. Seems like a million years ago doesn’t it… Looking forward to your next blog my old friend.

  2. Gabe says:


    You need to have the jargon and keywords in your resume because they are terms that are used to search – unless you’re just going to do freelance stuff and not be on the “searched” side of things.

    When your resume or profile are added to a recruitment DB like monster or any developer one, people will expect to see the technical terms they are looking for.

    For better or worse, your resume needs to have good SEO.


  3. Stephen says:

    Submitting to a resume bank (a la recruiters or Monster) is a very different and separate thing that what I am creating here. That is why I prefer not to think of this site in the traditional “resume” sense, although it is meant to lead to a variety of engagements, not all of which will be tech. (As noted above, the working title is “collection”, but I am in search of a better term.) I still have the “straight” version in those Monster / DICE DBs, but they have nothing to do with my own presentation here, or the type of audience I am currently trying to reach. (Nor have they typically led to very satisfying work, a not wholly unrelated point)