Mapping my thoughts


It is raining and dark and cold outside. Days like this are demotivating (or give me an excuse perhaps) but I haven’t really felt like doing much. Looking out the window, I see low clouds blurring much of the skyline, and there is a calm sense of melancholy in the atmosphere. Today I have not been thinking very clearly, with thoughts wandering to all sorts of things, finding work, my travels, old friends on facebook, maps, food, book writing, updating my cv, politics and headaches. On more than one occasion today I have been asked by people what I have been up to the last couple of years and in response I just send them this map:

There is something wondrous about maps and mapping. They are really just another representation of experience. A map is a schematic and abstract representation often (as in my case) keyed to so many disparate memories, yet the map’s structure brings them all together.


  1. someone says:

    le di las copas gratis a ti y a tus amigos debido a tu sonriza.
    y si, hablo espanol.

  2. closetalk says:

    pretty map. next stop: australia/ africa? :)
    o, and i hate looking at dead fish. i just do. yech. how very un-bong-like of me, na? :)