Art, Brooklyn and such


Yesterday I met up with a nice group of guys at MOMA for a walk around the various exhibits. At the entrance I was confronted with the sobering fact of a twenty dollar entrance fee, and decided to become a member (which was only sixty dollars). Much like buying my MTA card, this struck me as a commitment by me to the city and by it to me. I love the MOMA and I am sure I will go many more times this year (he says by way of justification).

Had a lovely brunch at a place called Melt today in Park Slope with my friend Sian, where we discussed the hopelessness and horror of the situation in Gaza, among other things. Brooklyn (and Park Slope in particular, where I am staying in the lovely apartment of my friend Sivan at the moment) is a place to the east of Manhattan. People that live in Manhattan seem unaware of it, and are mystified when presented with the street grid here, although it is a grid and they all have iPhones and GPS. Such was the case with my cousin Josh this morning, who actually has a work gig in Brooklyn at BAM and struggled somewhat to undestand how to meet me but a few blocks away from where he was.


  1. Gabe says:


    You can hardly call all of Brooklyn part of a logical grid. It’s nothing of the sort. While there are some numbered streets near where you are, the rest of the borough is as infuriatingly illogical as Los Angeles. Perhaps that’s why it seems second nature. :)

    Oh, and the MOMA membership does have one amazing privilege – beyond just supporting a good organization. You don’t have to wait in line for the PS1 parties. Woot.