Digging in and digging it


Today I actually did some networking, worked out at the gym, met a friend for coffee, and picked up my fixed laptop (yay) from the Apple Store on 14th (where I have to say they have about the best customer service of any place I have been). Then I took the subway home and admired the falling snow. What a Pollyanna. But I am feeling pretty positive about being here and finding work, even in this economy. My friend John tells me he isn’t worried about me, what with my relentless, oppressive positivity. He is sure I will be alright even as he tries to grind it out of me. And you know what? I believe him. Tomorrow I am moving in with my Sivan in Park Slope for a while. My hope is to find enough work to make me feel secure in renting an apartment before I run out of friends to crash with.