Feeling it


Sure, it is the end of another year, and the 31st of December feels like a milestone to many people. But not for me. I don’t feel connected to the import of this date the way I used to. There is no special thing that will be magically different tomorrow, any more than any day (or moment really) is any more special or different than the one that preceded it or follows it.

That said, I am very happy and thankful for where I am and where I have been. The past 2 plus years have been an invaluable gift. I joke with my family about the bad economy (and immense market losses) having validated my strategy of spending all my money on travel and the present, but in a very real way that is true. Security (financial or otherwise) is an illusion, and at the end of it all, we all end up in the same place. We might as well enjoy the ride and try to get a good view. I am fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends with whom to share this ride, and I wish them all the happiness this life can bestow, on this day or any other.

(I just reread the above and it all sounds pretty sappy, but what the hell. Sometimes I am sappy; deal with it.)


  1. David says:

    New years’ eve has – always – been a non-event for me… even when I’m enjoying it, the significance of the event has always seemed to lag behind the hype, at least for me.

    Stephen, it was GREAT seeing you over the past week in NYC. Glad your trip went well, and you definitely got the last joke on the economy by spending it all instead of investing it!! Now, “if you would only find a nice Jewish boy and settle down,” that would make mom happy… ok, not the Jewish part necessarily, but the rest of it. Good luck getting settled in NYC. I will try to visit again in the coming year. Best, David

  2. PattyK says:

    Amen brother. For years I jumped on the New Year’s Eve drunken party bandwagon. Every New Year’s day I had a hangover and a costly, new-last-night, trashed party dress lying in a stained funk by the foot of my bed. Barely recalling the night’s false revelry and glass clinking to, “Woooo hooo next year’s gonna be awesome!”, when waking somewhere around noon.

    Some years ago I made 3 promises to myself about NYE: 1) to not buy anything new for that one night, 2) to not get drunk, and 3) if I did go out – be home before midnight. It’s worked out well every year.

    I feel the same way about that other holiday: Valentine’s Day. Have you ever been to a restaurant on that night? Ill-at-ease couples on their best behavior, with forced smiles and big dinner checks. Ewwww!

    Happy New Year! On a totally unrelated note – wanna trade apts? I get a week in NYC and you get a week on Maui.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ve never been much of a News Year’s Eve party person. I much prefer a quiet evening at home watching movies.

    We had a great time in New York. So glad you are going to live there so we can come visit! Good luck getting settled.