“Family”, The Musical


Most of my immediate family has been in town the past couple of days and last night we all went to see Shrek The Musical (which my cousin Josh choreographed). After the show, Josh was a total sweetheart, taking the entire group of eleven of us backstage to meet the cast and show us the stage and costumes. The kids (Max and Zoe) were especially thrilled, and I have to admit it was pretty interesting being behind the scenes, and the cast members we met were exceedingly nice. It has been great catching up with my family here in NYC, and I take it from many of them that they approve of my decision to move here (especially if I should have a guest room or couch available in the future).


  1. Josh L. says:

    Guest room? In NY? Hah!

  2. Amanda says:

    I’ll sleep on the air matress again :)