Tall and tan and young and handsome


The boys from Ipanema go walking.

We are totally loving Rio, even though we haven’t left Ipanema (and to be honest, haven’t even gone very far in the neighborhood). Our apartment is very well located and quite nice, a two bedroom, two bathroom affair in the heart of Ipanema. We went out to a small club with amazing music and energy last night called Galeria Cafe. It was really packed and oh so flirty and it seems that there is more public kissing here than in any other place I have ever been. I think a heavy lip lock often takes the place of a handshake here in Rio. Josh and I danced and danced and before we knew it, it was 5am. Today we eventually woke up and went to the beach, and although it was fairly overcast, we had a very pleasant afternoon, watching all the men go passing and saying “ah”…


  1. Josh L. says:

    Remind me to invest in the breath mint industry in Brazil

  2. Eric Yulo says:

    Have a beachside grilled pig on a stick with farofa for me!

  3. Juan Carlos says:

    I can’t wait to get there!
    Is going to be rainy next week? :(

    I told you about the kissing thing! jajajaja