Good Jesus, don’t go to Niterói!


Josh and I just had a rather harrowing adventure trying to drive into Rio. A number of unfortunate coincidences conspired to drive a wedge of fear and loathing into us. First, the weather was horrible, with a relentless rain most of the way. Second, the strange deviation that the road took had us ending up in a not so nice part of Rio, a problem compounded by the fact that there were suddenly no signs with any recognizable place names to tell us where to go. The coup-de-grace was some of the worst traffic in human history (making us long for LA), allowing us to move at only a glacial pace, and causing Josh multiple cramping with the car’s manual transmission. In one of our darkest moments, I called our friend Anderson who gave us some tips for finding our way based on the signs we were seeing (“whatever you do, DON’T go to Niteroi!”) and after an excruciating amount of time and a good deal of luck, we finally ended up at our rental flat in Ipanema. Now that we are here, Josh and I are very happy indeed, and are once again on speaking terms. We are now going to treat ourselves to a fancy meal.


  1. troy says:

    A “Bonfire of the Vanities” moment? Watch out for the packs of thieving kids roaming the beaches. Seriously.Enjoy Rio!

  2. Mom says:

    So you are “once again on speaking terms”??

    Sounds like Bob and me, when we’ve rented cars and driven in France and Spain (not to mention England, where they drive on the WRONG SIDE of the road. And let’s not even remember Italy and the dog we ran over……

    I’m glad the two of you are safe.


  3. Amanda says:

    Now that you are in Ipanema my mother wants you to be sure to “look for that girl”! I am SO enjoying this trip–keep us updated!

  4. Gabe says:


    The place you want to go is Porcao.

    Meanwhile, I’m glad you made it. :) I think one grows from these experiences, but I did warn you…I’m just saying.

  5. Stephen says:

    Can you believe it? Porcao is right on our street, in the same block!

  6. Josh L. says:

    I thought that Niteroi was the capital of R.D.J. province. You’re saying that it is a combat zone?

  7. Stephen says:

    No, just that if we took the road to go there, we were really screwed for finding our way to Ipanema.

  8. Eric Yulo says:

    I say DO go to Niteroi, but take the ferry from Central, then short cab ride to Niemeyer’s flying saucer Museo de Artes Contemporaneos.