Friends, Feijoada, and Lesbian Samba


It started off innocently enough. Walter, Gustavo and I met at Consulado Mineiro for a yummy feijoada. Several beers later we were joined by their friend Susana, and then whisked off to a club called Vermont Itaim for lesbian samba night. Maybe it is just something nice about Gustavo and Walter, but I was impressed by how friendly the gays and lesbians are with each other here, moreso than a lot of places in the US. I had a blast dancing samba (or trying to) with the nicest bunch of people, all in surprisingly good spirits, given how little room there was to move. And I got a little of that same sensation that I got at the carnival rehearsal show in Salvador, namely that communal connection the crowd has to each other and the music.


  1. Shannon Hinshaw says:

    I can’t believe it’s almost over! It was only last week that I realized you were on this journey around the world. I have been reading every word since – starting at the beginning and have loved it. I have learned a LOT! Will you be continuing your blog when you return to non traveling life in NY? Enjoy your last couple of weeks!

  2. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the kind words. And worry not, I will still be blogging a lot. I love the medium and the chance to put down my thoughts. Let’s hope with the pace of travel diminished, I will still have things to say. :)