Até mais tarde, SP


I am heading off later this afternoon to the wonder that is Salvador da Bahia. Like a number of cities I have been to, Sao Paulo opens itself up the most fully only when shared by the locals. At first glance, it is not a city that holds much appeal, and perhaps that is why the pages in my guidebook for Sao Paulo, a huge city of millions, are so shockingly thin. But when one is lucky enough to meet people and explore with them the city they love, the story is completely different. Thanks to Walter, Gustavo, Adilson, Elson, Eduardo, Carol (and Dan and Thomas, who started the ball rolling for me here) I have been treated to a city that leaves me wanting to know more, and one I imagine very easily returning to and spending more time in.


  1. Walter says:

    My dear Stephen… it was so nice to have you here, you are such a wonderful guy and excellent friend, I just hope you could learn some portuguese LOL… have a nice trip to the rest of Brazil and hope you could come back soon, feel free to come anytime, you have your home here… and of course you have a new friend…

  2. Stephen says: