Music, Music and Beer (and more beer and music)


Some clichés and stereotypes are true. Brazillians (at least the ones I have met) are really into their music. After a great and low key dinner with Gustavo and Adilson, we headed over to a bar with live music to meet up with the wild and lovely Carol (who is apparently having an affair with the singer). A few beers and some great standard Brazilian songs later, Walter joined us and we didn’t stop moving and singing until the place shut down. I was really amazed to examine the small crowd, their enthusiasm for the music and the movement, which for them were inseparable. I have always felt a little clumsy on the dance floor myself, so I was in awe of how fluid and connected everyone was to the music (especially Carol). I myself was never raised in a culture as musical as this and it was amazing to witness. And although I didn’t recognize most of the songs, they were so catchy that I was mouthing along whatever portugese-like things I could, swaying in my seat and feeling giddy.