Notes on Montevideo


– Although I was introduced to mate in Argentina, it is clearly much more the national pastime here in Uruguay. I have never seen so many mates and thermoses in my life. And you should know it is not a very handy or easy thing to carry around, what with all the herbs, cleaning the mate cup, the bombilla, the thermos of hot water. And I have seen it being drunk on the bus, walking on the street, sitting in the park, everywhere! It must be a mighty addictive substance.

– Things are more expensive in Uruguay than in Buenos Aires.

– It is 95 degrees and very humid here.

– I had an amazing lomo (steak) at the Mercado del Puerto today, at a place called El Peregrino. My Argentine friends may kill me for saying this, but it was better than any meat I had in Argentina.

– The architecture is a funny mix here. A lot of it looks like Uruguay had a cultural exchange program with Moscow for a few years after WWII. The rest of it looks like smaller scale versions of Buenos Aires. They seem to be remaking the old city center, and it is fairly pleasant.

– Breaking my own rule, I decided to stay at a gay B&B here (La Puerta Negra). It was a mistake. There is no AC, the place is hot as hell, the rooms have no windows, the owners are peevish, it is outside the center in a questionable neighborhood, the rules are different from on the website, and it is overpriced. Oh and they have a bad 80s mix tape on loop with only about 5 songs on it. Belinda Carlisle will be the death of me. The only good thing I can say about it is that the bedding is nice.


  1. troy says:

    did you see the old abandoned train station?
    great photos of montevideo – i had a blast exploring the city a few years ago.

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    Any discount? (at the hotel)

  3. Josh L. says:

    Was it during Belinda’s solo career or as part of the go-gos? And was Erasure one of the other selections?