Well, after equal parts subterfuge, sweet talk, and dosh, I finally have my visa to go to Brazil. My (very rough) plan is to leave BsAs (alas) next week, head to Uruguay for a few days, then on to Brazil. My cousin Josh is going to meet me in São Paulo on the 16th and we will go to Rio from there, and I don’t want to retrace my steps more than necessary so I will probably head north to Salvador, stopping in some places along the way. But who really knows? Like most times, I will just play it by ear. Anyone in the know out there have any suggestions of things not to miss in Brazil?


  1. Daniel says:

    Finally! Well, you are going by bus from Uruguay to Sao Paulo! Uauuu, that is an adventure! Why dont you stop in Florianopolis in your way to Sao Paulo? It is an island (very gay by the way), which a great german and portuguese influence. There is also Blumenau, which is a really german city in Brazil. Both cities are in your way to Sao Paulo. I have never been to Salvador, but everyone says it is really nice, with a strong african background. The city of Natal is also beautifull… The good thing is that you are going there on the summer…and the best thing of all is tha the dollar has jumped almost 40%, so your money will worth more there. Take care and have a nice and safe trip!

  2. Salvador says:

    You’re always welcome to visit Salvador, hahaha… Have fun! Abraço.

  3. Joe Miller says:

    Don’t leave Brazil without spending time on the Amazon. Manaus is a good place for that. Also, Recife is on the way home, too.

    Rio is one of my favorite cities Stephen. I spent a lot of time there in the ’80s and ’90s. Be careful of crime, my friend.

  4. Josh L. says:

    I have a friend of a friend who lives in Olinda, whose colonial buildings constitute a UNICEF world heritage site. It is supposed to be quite charming. It is right next to Recife.

    Also I think it’d be a trip to see the architecture in Brasilia. But that is out of the way.