Standing against H8


There were major demonstrations across the country today, in scores of cities protesting the spate of anti gay initiatives (notably prop 8 in California) that are targeting gay people. It would seem a sleeping giant has awakened (at least that is my hope), for I have never seen this breadth of demonstration organized in such short order. has a report and galleries of pictures from across the country. Although social acceptance is something that can not (and should not) be legislated, equality under the law is long overdue. It is about time we got angry and motivated and took this fight to the public in a much more vocal and visible way. Hooray and thank you to the demonstrators, I wish I had been there with you.


  1. Rod says:


    I took you to heart this morning even BEFORE I had my coffee. I got angry and motivated to take this awareness and make it more publicly seen and heard. I spent hours looking at every single image, in every city and state where the demonstrations occurred, that were posted on I wa inspired, and saddened, and angered, and laughed out loud. Those images were deeply moving, and I downloaded over 100 images that resonated with me. I wanted to keep my own piece of history, but that wasn’t enough. I posted all of those on FB so that all of my 261 friends, and all of their friends, could view them and be touched as well. And I commented on many of the images to share my own thoughts or impressions as well.

    Prop 8’s passing in California is a civil rights violation. The right to marry should be recognized not only by the state, but by the federal government as well.

    My husband and children would wander into the office from time-to-time to ask if I was *still* working on my little project. When I was through I sat down and shared it with all of them because it’s so personal. I think they recognized the importance and appreciated the effort I put into it to share it with our extended network.