1. Mom says:

    I looked it up, and I’m still confused. But if it matters, your mother thinks you’re valid….or something.

  2. Stephen says:

    It just means that underneath the pretty surface, the code that runs this site is pretty too, and built to the current accepted standards so that it should be usable in every browser that supports them. I hope that makes sense. We shall never speak of this again. And if anyone asks, we never did. :)

  3. closetalk says:

    lol. i was gonna ask the same question as ure mum. :)
    also, since u asked for feedback on the new template: is it possible to make the WHOLE thing go down.. because right now, that satoristephen block up there stays put, and all the other links/tags/etc below it get kinda.. ‘zapped out’ (don’t ask me what dat means) when i wanna scroll down. just a thought.

  4. Stephen says:

    That, as they say in the trade, is a feature, not a bug.