Even more BsAs minutiae

  • Unlike every other country I have been in, there seems to be no standard direction for maps to be drawn in, ie “North” is up. And you might say that, hey, there is perhaps a certain logic to drawing maps in the southern hemisphere with “South” being up. And that would be fine, but there is no convention that I can discern here at all. Some maps have North up, some have South up, and some don’t bother with any cardinal alignment.
  • A rather large number of people walking on the streets of Buenos Aires are smoking a cigarette on their walk. And when I think about it, I don’t see all that many people smoking in bars or restaurants. But walking somewhere seems to be the preferred time.
  • More than any other country I have been in, there are lots and lots of dads with strollers or carrying babies. They are everywhere and very often without a spouse. I think it says something very good about the current state of fathering here.


  1. Gaston says:

    Hi, I am Gaston from Mar del Plata, Argentina
    Well, you dont see so many people smoking in bars because in most places you are not allowed to do that, the same happens in mi city.