Puerto Madero walkabout


Mariano and I took a walk through a few neighborhoods (Congresso, San Telmo, Barracas) on our way to Puerto Madero, a redeveloped port area in the eastern part of Buenos Aires. Like many such projects around the world, there is a mix of monumentality, some interesting architecture and planning, some hideous architecture and planning, and questions of political influence. Check out this Wikipedia article about the place, it is pretty funny as it seems a translation of the Spanish version written by non English speakers who work for the planning authority in Buenos Aires. Click on the image below to see the album.


  1. Mom says:

    Why do you say he’s a “jerk architect”?

  2. Stephen says:

    Because I worked for him briefly, many years ago in Paris. Actually not even directly with him. He was on vacation, and the people in charge of the office hired me. Everything was going along just fine until he returned to the office 2 weeks later. He looked at me, and without saying a word to me, started shouting at the office manager.

    “Who is this?!!”

    “This is a young architect we hired. You told us we could hire extra help on the project, and we really need him.”

    “You should have talked to me first. Fire him now!”

    And they did. This entire yelling match took place about three feet from my desk. Calatrava never said a word to me.