No one can say I didn’t go out of my way to exercise my right and civic duty in voting this year. I registered absentee in my home state of California, with the ballot being mailed to my old roommate Jose. This was because I didn’t know exactly where I would be come voting time. After badgering Jose for several weeks (“Did it come?!, Did it come?!”) I finally got word that it did and Jose sent it (at a cost of 25 bucks! Thanks Jose!) to my temporary address here in Buenos Aires by USPS mail. I waited dutifully for it, but when I checked the USPS website for status, it said that they had tried to deliver it twice and failed. A call to USPS and they informed me that I would have to contact the local postal service as it was out of their hands once it left the States. When I finally got through to Correo Argentino and spoke to an operator (in my halting Spanish), we figured out that the street number address on the mailing had been wrong, and I would have to go down to their office near the train station to get it. I got there at 10am and took a number, and about an hour later I had my letter. After dutifully reading the entire voting pamphlet, I filled out my ballot and will be mailing it from the embassy later today. (Or tomorrow. It is raining really hard out right now.)

Regular readers of this blog know how important I think this election is, both nationally and in California. Please exercise your right to vote, it could really make a difference. And you have no business complaining about the political state of things if you don’t.


  1. Maureen says:

    I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since we sat in your apartment in Silverlake and almost cried when Kerry didn’t win…

  2. I had a similar, not not nearly as extensive, ordeal during the last elections. I do wish more people would put some/any effort in to making sure the cast their ballots.

    After hand-holding some friends through the registration process recently, I was a bit disappointed when one of them emailed me on October 21 unsure if he was registered and asking how he could find out if he and his wife were. …Which at that point would make no difference.