Some things I notice in Buenos Aires


– When I mentioned BA reminded me of Paris, I was mostly talking about the Architecture. But after walking around a lot in this city, I notice a second similarity: dog shit. It is everywhere. Apparently the Porteños (as the residents of BA are called) are as nonplussed about picking up after their dogs as the French.

– I look like everyone here. After being in so many places where I was so obviously a foreigner, it is interesting to be in a foreign country where everyone assumes I am one of them (at least until I open my mouth). In some ways (no doubt because I share a lot of the same ethnic background as many Argentinians) I feel even more like a native here (visually) than in most parts of the US.

– They absolutely LOVE ice cream here, and there are many amazing places to get it. (Now that I consider this fact, maybe I AM one of them.) My personal favorite (of the three I have tried) so far: Volta.

– Perhaps it is just springtime, but an inordinate amount of people I pass in the street are singing. Mothers to their children, young men and women to themselves, groups of friends in unison. I like it.


  1. Running says:

    Felt the same way when I lived there… have your tried Persicco?