Brrr…Buenos Aires


It has been pretty cold here, I guess we are not yet fully into Spring. So I went out today and bought a jacket and a couple of long sleeved thingies. Now that I have spent the money, I’m sure the heatwave won’t be far behind. Spent a good part of the day yesterday walking around, and BA feels a LOT like Paris in its architecture if not street layout. Here are a few things I have learned in my short time here:

– Argentines seem to use a LOT of slang. Every attempt to find these words in my current dictionary comes up blank or with the wrong meaning.

– Did you know that Tango is not only a style of dance, but that there is an entire culture of tango singing as well? And that some guy named Carlos Gardel was a really famous Tango singer?

– Everyone seems to dislike the current government and it always has to do with money.

– There is apparently a difference between mate and tea, and I had my new friend Guillermo explain it to me at length, and I still don’t get it. I get the feeling there is a cultural difference, but not a material one.

– The street signs are all sponsored. I guess that is one way to pay for them.

– Inflation is pretty high here, and prices change rapidly.

– BA is all about the night. Dinner is usually around 10 or 11pm. Lunch is usually around 12:30, and to bridge the long hours in between there is merienda (tea time with snacks).

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  1. Amanda says:

    I am really enjoying this trip so far–keep us updated!

  2. Ricardo says:

    Whaat? I hope you are joking about Gardel. Anyway, here’s some info courtesy of Juako: Tango was actually originated in Cuba. Bizet saw it there and took it to France for his opera, Carmen. Argentines then brought it back from France to Southamerica.
    Oh, and in the beginning, tango was danced by men only. Go figure!

  3. Robert says:

    Check out the “Frida” movie, which has
    an excellent example of a Tango being
    danced and sung simultaneously. (I think
    the singer was “Lila Downs”)

  4. Stephen says:

    Now that you mention it, I actually saw that movie while in Mexico, and remember that scene and the music.

  5. Robert says:

    I found a “Tango” Radio Station (Through ITunes) this morning.
    It’s actually from Buenos Aires, some of the material is quite
    entertaining and some is quite dated