Lost Weekend


It was a crazy, all night dance party Friday night / Saturday morning. It is interesting that because of the lack of gay venues here, the dance clubs are quite mixed. No one seemed to have any problems and the atmosphere was pretty festive. I’m not sure where Joaquin and Ricardo get all their energy from, but it is inspiring. I myself was alternating between dancing and propping myself against a wall near them while they continued moving to the music. At 8 am we dragged ourselves through the misty day lit streets of Lima back to their place, where we hung out on the terrace for most of the day. We went out briefly just to feel that we had done something and for a brief bite to eat before coming back to the house where I crashed at 7 pm.

I feel pretty back to normal today, and am beginning to look at my options for the coming months. After noting the host of physical difficulties with our visits to high altitudes (chapped lips, bloody noses, difficulty breathing or walking) I am reconsidering my previous idea of going to Bolivia, since every place I wanted to go there is at a greater height than the highest point we were in here in Peru. I am now looking at going first to a few places north within Peru, and then heading to Argentina. Perhaps I will rent an apartment in Buenos Aires and use that as a base for exploring the rest of the country.


  1. daniel says:

    I know a agency that can rent you an apartment in Buenos Aires really cheap, well, it was cheap in 2006, maybe they still are now