On Lima time


I absolutely HAVE TO reset my clock to a different schedule. Juliette and I have been the early birds for this entire trip, getting up around 6 or 7 and launching into our days, crashing normally around 11 (or 10) in the evening and starting the whole cyle the following day. This is not in any way normal for the people of Peru, who seem to be (if our hosts Jaoquin and Ricardo are any indication) quite the night owls. Last night we arrived around 8, had dinner out around 11 and then Juliette crashed while I went to a birthday party with Joaquin and Ricardo.  Since this was well past my normal bedtime, I was pretty out of it and I would guess that my party conversation could be compared (rather unfavorably) with watching paint dry. After that, Joaquin was still full of energy and wanted to go out dancing, but I finally made it back to bed at their apartment. Tonight Juliette leaves to go back to London, and I have a big all night dance party to attend with our hosts. I am going to try to take a big disco nap and get an intraveneous caffiene drip so that I can begin to shift my schedule forward by a couple of hours. I have it so rough, don’t I? Wish me luck.