A few questions about Peru


– There is an absolutely crazy number of restaurants serving pizza. Was this brought here by demand of gringo tourists, or do the Peruvians just love individual Hawaiian style pizzas that much?

– What is the origin and function of those (bowler type) hats that Andean women wear, and why do they look a few sizes too small? Is it just a fashion?

Chicha, which was a sacred drink among the Inca and has been mentioned repeatedly everywhere we go, is incredibly difficult to find. No restaurant seems to serve it (although last night we finally found one that served a blanco version. To be honest, it was served warm and smelled a bit of apples, cheese and feet. Which come to think of it, may be the reason it isn’t so widely available.)

– Why is trout so popular here?


  1. Joanna says:

    You know? As a native Peruvian, I never gave it much thought. But we do love Hawaiian pizza. Must be because it addresses our palates’ likes for savory meals.

    What? You couldn’t find chicha? It’s such a staple drink. maybe coke has finally taken over :(