Santa Catalina


If you come to Arequipa, you must not miss the Santa Catalina Convent. This place was a completely closed up residence for nuns (and their female servants) for some 400 years until it was opened to the public in the 1970’s. Since then, the nuns have been relegated to a small section and the entire rest of the place has been lovingly restored and is wide open to exploration. This place is not one building but a veritable miniature city of nun’s quarters, services, prayer and meditation spaces. There are actual streets with names in the complex, and it is an incredibly contemplative and beautiful place. Juliette and I found ourselves wishing we were nuns (for a moment, anyway).

Since you are all probably sick to death of slideshows, I will include only one photo below. If you wish to see the entire collection, click on it.


  1. Salvador says:

    I’m so happy that you’re having such a great time! Thanks for keeping this journal, it’s almost like being there with you.

    Keep enjoying yourself!