Intrepid travelers


Juliette and I were quite proud of how we handled ourselves getting off the train. With no hotel pre-booked, we step out of the station only to be accosted by numerous tour operators. One of them asked if we needed a hotel or taxi, so we told her we needed a taxi to our hotel (that we quickly picked from our guide book). She said it would be one dollar, and then flagged down a taxi and hopped into it with us. At this point we were a bit confused. She seemed to have no relation to the taxi guy, but assured us the ride would only be a dollar. Being the seasoned travelers that Juliette and I are, we reasoned that she was probably going to try (as they often do in India) to secure a commission from the hotel for bringing us there, even though we had already picked it ourselves. Moving at great speed as we approached the hotel, I took my bags and left Juliette to handle the operator while I bolted into the hotel to negotiate a room. I managed to get us a 20 percent cash discount on the room, Juliette was able to dispose of the tour operator, and no one got hurt.

Tomorrow we will head off to explore the island of Taquile on Lake Titicaca.