Pigs fly


I had a strange dream last night. Somebody famous (I can’t remember who, but some sort of aging, annoying, rocker type with scraggly blond hair) and a friend of mine and I were organizing a house move, packing up all our stuff and loading it into a small plane. The rocker guy was getting increasingly impatient with our progress. As we finally got everything loaded and seated ourselves (with a few other people) in the small plane, we noticed that there was a thunderstorm appearing in the direction we were about to take off into. The rocker guy (who was also the pilot) barked a few orders at everyone and taxied to the runway for takeoff. As we started down the runway, we noticed a huge semi truck in front of us, which accelerated very quickly and took off into the sky in front of us. Then we took off and were flying behind it, and the storm seemed to be dissipating a bit. Then the bells of a nearby church rang (in reality, here in Cusco) and I woke up. Any dream interpreters out there care to take a stab at the meaning of this?


  1. Gabe says:

    You’re in love with Steven Tyler?

  2. Mom says:

    Certainly. It’s obvious; you miss your family–especially your mother–and want to settle down in New York where you will be able to see them all more frequently.

  3. Roland says:

    The semi represents the impending doom of a McCain/Palin victory, and the plane you’re on is your flight outta here!

  4. marites says:

    This is SO about your life. You’re mentally all packed up and ready to go. The aging rocker is you, old (ha), but holding on to the non-conformist personna. You’re also the pilot, in charge of your flight. It looks stormy up ahead, but then it’s not so bad. The semi does something improbable – flies – but has no problem doing it. This is your life now – improbable – but hey why not. How were you feeling during takeoff? Calm? Anxious? Any other details? How were the other passengers?
    (You realize I don’t know what the **** I’m talking about.)