Lionel Ritchie and Celine Dion in wool


Many years ago, I traveled and lived in many of the capitals of Europe. During these years, there were certain commonalities that I noticed in the street performers. One in particular was the ubiquitous presence of the Peruvian (or Bolivian) wool poncho wearing, pan flute playing band. No matter where I was, they were there, hawking their CDs and playing their pan flutes. I had forgotten that they originated here in the Andes, but lucky for me (not) they are ALL over Cusco, usually playing alone in a restaurant. And the fascinating thing is that when they are not playing, the music that is invariably put on the sound system is in the same pan flute / guitar strumming style, except they are interpretations of the worst atrocities of western pop music, notably Lionel (say you, say me) and Celine (heart will go on) and the like.


  1. Kelly says:

    You were also entertained by them at the very worldly Indiana State Fair–right outside the Family Arts Building, where you could also see such things as the blue-ribbon-winning-hand sewn-toilet-seat-cover.